I’ve had a deep and diverse career writing and editing nonfiction, from 400-word quickies to 400-page fitness tomes. A sampling:

Magazines & digital media

I’m honored to announce I am a 2022 National Magazine Award finalist for service journalism. My 8-page feature for the March/April ’21 issue of AARP the Magazine, “The Back-to-Normal Health Plan,” gives readers dozens of ways to regain control of their lives after a year of pandemic living. Read the story here.

I’m a nationally known, award-winning writer in health, fitness, weight loss, and personal finance. Hundreds of my profiles, service journalism features, essays, and humor pieces have appeared in Men’s Health, AARP the Magazine, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, WebMD, Women’s Health, Best Life, Philadelphia magazine, Verywell Health, Weight Watchers, Success, O: The Oprah Magazine, Whisky Advocate,, Interior Design, Redbook, Glamour, and more.

Recent magazine projects:


I’m the author or co-author, credited and uncredited, of 20 nonfiction books, including:

Book editing

I’ve spent 10 years on staff at major publishing houses in editorial and marketing. I’ve edited bestselling nonfiction books across diverse subjects…


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