“You must be bored, mate. I think you know everything by now.”

— Hugh Jackman

I’m honored to announce I am a 2022 National Magazine Award finalist for service journalism. My eight-page feature for the March/April ’21 issue of AARP the Magazine, “The Back-to-Normal Health Plan,” gives readers dozens of ways to regain control of their lives after a year of pandemic living. Read the story here.

I’m a bestselling writer, editor, and brand storyteller who specializes in finding and honing a person/place/product’s unique voice. I’ve done this across a multitude of divergent brands — from publicly-traded companies to national magazines to B2B mavens to household-name authors. I’d be happy to do it for you, too.

I use journalism, research, analytics, good prose chops, razor-sharp copywriting, a bent brain, and a sense of humor to create world-class content for any audience.

“Give Mike a hair-brained idea and he’ll transform it into a well-reported, clean, and clever story. That’s a rare talent. When I need the best words, quick, I call him.”

—Bill Phillips, former editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and founder of Bill Phillips Editorial Consulting

“I’ve worked with Mike for years. The man can write. He can edit. He has great ideas. He’s a workhorse and doesn’t disappoint.”

Jeff Csatari, executive editor, Galvanized Media and Eat This, Not That! magazine

“Mike Zimmerman is one of the most dedicated and gifted writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His fiction is dark and hilarious; his interviews are probing and empathetic; and his first-person journalism is illuminating and insightful. And for all that, he still edits with a light touch, strengthening the author’s message without sacrificing the author’s voice.”

—Lou Schuler, editorial director at The Personal Trainer Development Center and author of the New Rules of Lifting series