Imagine a dinner party with dozens of the most successful people in the world and you’re invited.

Journalist and bestselling author Mike Zimmerman has spent two decades interviewing the “hypersuccessful” —  athletes, actors, singers, CEOs, writers, and others who never stop working to be world-class. He went into each interview for magazines like Men’s Health, Best Life, Success, and others with one goal: Explore the origins of that person’s success, how they built themselves (physically, mentally, professionally), and how they push to improve. What rules do they follow? What keeps them focused? What drives them? This collection of Q&As, personal stories, essays, and nuggets of wisdom brings together more than 50 successful people in their own words, including…

—How Denzel Washington plays the long game by developing working relationships that yield amazing results for decades.

—How Alicia Keys combined her creativity with her business plan so she could be “the girl at the head of the table.”

—How Dwayne Johnson took deliberate career baby-steps to evolve from a pro wrestler into the most popular performer on the planet.

And more…

All-world competitors: LeBron James, Tom Brady, Drew Brees

Physical transformers: Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, Michael B. Jordan

Business rulebreakers: Reed Hastings, Jim Koch, Jack Bogle

And of course a few superheroes: Robert Downey, Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds

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